The Global Challenges Prize 2017: A New Shape? – My participation

Global Challenges Prize 2017


Dear Readers, it is with great pleasure that I participate in this challenge organized by Global Challenges Foundation with my project for the Future Global Society. There are more than 12,300 participants all over the world (182 Countries).

I have submitted my work (according to the standards of the Foundation) that reinvents global governance for the 21st century. This project represents my vision and thoughts about how it should be organized and operate the Future Global Society. The Human Being, Human Values, Education and the sustainability of the Biosphere are the pillars that support the work I have submitted.

Q –Why I’m participating in the Global Challenges Prize 2017- A New Shape? What was my motivation to develop frameworks for tomorrow and compete?”

A – “Human beings deserve a better collective future and our Biosphere deserves great respect and a sustainability designed by collective intelligence beings.”

In due course I will inform you about the events.

I hope you enjoy reading the texts of my Blog and feel inspired to build a new society and a decent Future for ALL.

A friendly hug,

Alfredo Sá Almeida                                                          May 10, 2017