Direitos e Deveres – Rights and Duties


“Entre os Direitos e os Deveres de qualquer um de nós Cidadãos, estão os Valores Humanos que permitem cumprir os Deveres com naturalidade dando sentido e dimensão aos Direitos concedidos.”

“Among the Rights and Duties of any of us Citizens, are the Human Values that allow us to fulfil naturally the Duties giving meaning and dimension to the granted Rights.”

Alfredo Sá Almeida                                                                                      1 de Maio de 2018


The Global Challenges Prize 2017: A New Shape? – My participation

Global Challenges Prize 2017


Dear Readers, it is with great pleasure that I participate in this challenge organized by Global Challenges Foundation with my project for the Future Global Society. There are more than 12,300 participants all over the world (182 Countries).

I have submitted my work (according to the standards of the Foundation) that reinvents global governance for the 21st century. This project represents my vision and thoughts about how it should be organized and operate the Future Global Society. The Human Being, Human Values, Education and the sustainability of the Biosphere are the pillars that support the work I have submitted.

Q –Why I’m participating in the Global Challenges Prize 2017- A New Shape? What was my motivation to develop frameworks for tomorrow and compete?”

A – “Human beings deserve a better collective future and our Biosphere deserves great respect and a sustainability designed by collective intelligence beings.”

In due course I will inform you about the events.

I hope you enjoy reading the texts of my Blog and feel inspired to build a new society and a decent Future for ALL.

A friendly hug,

Alfredo Sá Almeida                                                          May 10, 2017

A Arquitetura Humana – The Human Architecture

Valores da Arquitetura para o Futuro5

“A Arquitetura Humana é parte intrínseca do jeito de ser de cada indivíduo. Exatamente por isso precisa ser estudada e trabalhada nos diferentes aspetos que compõem a nova dinâmica do ser humano neste novo século. Trata-se do desenvolvimento do Ser Humano no espaço e no tempo onde ele se movimenta e para o qual ele precisa ser preparado para ter a autonomia competente para se sair bem no Futuro.

Arquitetura Humana engloba, o estudo do comportamento humano e/ou a somatória de informações a respeito da pessoa que deverá ser preparada para vivenciar a dinâmica da vida em sociedade, em seus diferentes aspetos e momentos, firmemente embasada em Valores, Princípios e Competências.” Angela Alem e Alfredo Sá Almeida.

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“The Human Architecture is an intrinsic part of the way of being of each individual. Exactly so it needs to be studied and worked in different aspects that make up the new dynamics of the human being in this new century. It is the development of the Human Being in space and time in which it moves and for which he must be prepared to have the competent autonomy to do well in the Future.

Human Architecture encompasses the study of human behaviour and / or the sum of information about the person to be prepared to experience the dynamics of life in society, in its different aspects and moments, firmly grounded in Values, Principles and Skills.” Angela Alem e Alfredo Sá Almeida.