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(The text here presented is based on my work, published on this Blog)


The project here presented is about a new paradigm for the future society, to solve essential civilization and structural problems caused by Man in a period of his evolution when he dedicated more effort to war and fighting other men than to build and develop a Sustainable Collective Future for his species, in equilibrium with the biosphere. Also the current Global Society, where the Monetary Value dominates and is consistently producing more and more inequalities between Humans, without significantly improving Human dignity standards.

If we want to solve the major threats to the future of Humanity, we must address:

1. Climate change, which could make the planet uninhabitable;

2. Environmental degradation on a massive scale, which puts at risk the food and water supply, reducing the resilience of the ecosystem;

3. Violent conflicts, (civil wars, genocides, ethnic cleansing) that may trigger the risk of use of nuclear weapons and/or of mass destruction;

4. Extreme poverty, which is an ongoing disaster and that affects more than 1 billion people;

5. Rapid population growth which predicts a world population of 10 billion Humans in 2050;

We will change the paradigms of Society in the long term, the profile and the structure of political and financial power, which governs all countries and the world, without losing the condition of Human Beings and their respective values that allow us to build a Collective Future perspectives far more lasting than those built to date, in the last 100 years.

That new paradigm of future society that I defend is based on Human Value.

What we have seen all too often in Political and Financial domains, it is a constant unethical, unprincipled greed, arrogance, corruption, unprovoked aggression (verbal and physical), the constant lack of respect and consideration for LIFE and the Human Being, as well as for the Global Human Development and Sustainability.

The construction of our Collective Future will have greater chances of success by consultation in League of Nations (UN) than in the rampant competitive among countries and corporations fighting for first place in the ranking. The United Nations will require greater powers of intervention, with the respective empowerment of Ethics Committee, and greater capacity to bring together the will of Nations to join the substantial changes to that Paradigmatic Future Society. The time horizon for construction of this Future should be extended until 2100 and the UN must apply a new Global strategic vision that I call by © Global Sustainable Intelligence (GSI).

My definition of Human Value: “Expression, with a positive Human result from inner ‘world’ of man to the society”; or; “Humanistic positivism-sharing between Human Beings”.

The Human Value is essentially an intrinsic value to Man in his relationship with himself and those around him. Will result from the natural integration of several human values, to varying degrees of inclusion, in every human being. In a way, it’s a Social Value because Man is a being who lives in society and for whom the solitary life is unnatural.

The Human Value will also be considered as an economic valuation (where money will cease to exist), because it is subject to an evaluation carried out by qualified technicians and certified for that purpose. ALL people will be subject to periodic evaluations (yearly) in three aspects: Personal, Social and Professional. In that, are taken into account the practices of these people’s lives. The evaluation system is global and universal and is regarded with positivism by evaluators or by the Persons evaluated. We must not forget that is based on his Human Value that each person will have the means to participate in economic life and his own development.

It is that objective evaluation of every human being on this Planet, which reveals his Value as a Human able to contribute to the good of society, to a sustainable biosphere and his development.

The most important in the implementation of that paradigm is an unwavering respect for global principles to be achieved in the long term. Everything should be done in a concerted manner, respecting dissenting views, but without significant deviations from the main objectives to be achieved. Anything that might add value is welcome.
Ideas that should be developed till 2050:

1. The Human Being will be the primordial object of focus and will be the centre of all decisions;

a. The Human Being, the Human Values, Education and Biosphere are the sustainable pillars of the new Society;

2. To apply evolution and sustainable development policies in all Countries;

a. Man in dynamic and sustainable equilibrium with Biosphere;

b. Design and implementation of the new Quality Education System for all;

3. Total abolition of an International Financial System parallel to the United Nations in the transition phase;

4. Greater power to the United Nations Organization with respective empowerment of Ethics Committee;

a. Discussion, adoption, and subsequent implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Values in the UN.

b. Long term Strategic Global Insight to be applied by UN© Global Sustainable Intelligence (GSI);

c. Biosphere as international legal entity in its own right – Charter of Rights of the Biosphere;

d. Design and implementation of a Certified Evaluation of People;

5. The value of the actual entire economy will be transferred to the Human Value Paradigm;

a. The richest people in the world will have the opportunity to demonstrate their Human Value, by donating to United Nations, funding that project with 90% of their wealth;

That project will require a big team of specialists in Social areas, Humanities and Environment (Sociologists; Psychologists; Anthropologists; Specialists in Human Resources; Educators; Teachers; Educational psychologists; Environmental Engineers and Lawyers; Lawyers; Medical Doctors) to develop and structure that new Paradigm, under UN legal activity. All of them Men of goodwill and recognized competence.


Description of the Model


“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein.

My goal is to demonstrate that Human Value is the Supreme and universal VALUE which should bring together Humankind and its values.

Life in its diverse forms and dimensions is an asset that should be preserved with dynamic equilibrium, where Man has a greater responsibility because it is the only species capable of impartial management of this balance.

The civilizational development in our Biosphere is the engine that should motivate any human being to act, fulfilling the purpose of his VALUE.

Any action that leads to common good to all species is inherent in this ‘equation’ of life.

This positive and Humanistic Purpose respects all cultural and religious sensitivities with Human Value.

The big problem of Man is how to deal with the impact of Human Anti-values.

We all are aware that Education and Justice are, par excellence, human systems able to solve with Value this great problem. However, despite man’s intelligence, he has not yet been able to consistently build those systems so that the result of their application fully respects life, as a purpose of Human Value.

This means that we should ALL find the common denominator that allows us to unite our species around fundamental principles not permissive with Anti-values and not considered as an’ unacceptable way of preponderance.

After all, the Human Value is the transcendence of life.

Paradigm Insight

The future society will be based on Human Value. In this way, it becomes legitimate to make a characterization of this new paradigm society, where human being, human values, education and the biosphere are support pillars.

To accomplish this task we must imagine that we are at 2100, the year that marks the fiftieth anniversary of the implementation of a society based on Human Value. The global world has two generations without International Financial System (IFS), International Monetary System (IMS) and without money as value in the economy. The transition have begun in 2025 with the determined goal and the commitment to allow the ‘dream’ to work.

Every value in the economy was transferred to the Human Value. Humans now have equal opportunities to gain Value.

Education is compulsory for all children and young people up to 20 years of age, where their training is rooted in human values and fundamental nuclear knowledge about man, society and the biosphere. All matters of knowledge are transmitted to show the trainees that everything in life is connected, integrated, where man has the responsibility to promote and practice a life in a sustainable balance with the biosphere. Those first 20 years of life are critical to a good education of personality and character.

This Education is governed by principles and educational psychology (individual and group), where educators have a complete and certified training to fulfil their job.

‘Learners’ are monitored and required to stay in Education and training, because they should not be vulnerable to an irreversible loss of Human Value.

The family and the school contribute to this excellence in education. However, ‘learners’ from broken families have the same opportunities and attention as those well integrated into a Family. In that case, elements of their family, receive specific training to follow properly the ‘learner’.

The issues of nationality, descent, race, sex, language, religion or political or ideological convictions, social condition are properly integrated into the education for which there is no discrimination of that nature.

Poverty issues don’t arise because in this society there are no poor. The money has long disappeared from people’s minds. There will be People with smaller and larger Human Value, but in any case pass through Human indignities as those which existed in the past.

On the other hand, greedy attitude issues are reduced to a minimum expression, of some emotional unbalance. Those who still wish the return of money receive psychological monitoring. The psychiatric counselling is not neglected as in the former society of money value. The former IFS and IMS are forbidden, as well as the rules and principles that ruled them.

The new attitude of BEING replaced the outdated attitude to HAVE. People are concerned about their personal development and integration in society, where the development of creativity, whether social, artistic or scientific, are a constant. Social activities (teachers, sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc.) predominate in society of Human Value. The common good is valued, and the quality of its practice adds value. The individual initiative has expression only in the activities and moments that nature requires. This society doesn’t promote the individualist practice. Fanaticism is an unacceptable attitude, with significant loss of Human Value.

All people have the indispensable for a dignified life in society. Food, health care, housing conditions and access to means of improving the condition of his life, are common to all. However, those who have greater Human Value naturally have access to products and services that allow them to articulate development with their highest and greatest responsibility, including higher training.

Human development is a process in which everybody participates in seeking to broaden and deepen their collective intelligence aided by creative diversity. The collective consciousness is present in the mind of every citizen despite each having freedom of action in line with society and their personal dreams.

Concerns about the sustainability of the Biosphere is subject to constant debate conditioning healthily the life in society.

Politics is participatory by nature and voting in elections and referendums is properly valued. The electoral system is sufficiently advanced and participated not to constrain anybody.

All Media companies are certified by Corporate Social Responsibility. All comply with a code of ethics and best practices.

An important peculiarity became a reality: violent or aggressive nature materials are not widespread. Games, TV shows, books, etc. with this same nature has already ceased to be manufactured, produced, sold and played. Examples of assertive nature and value are so many that cancel out the need for aggressive behaviour. These issues have been properly addressed during the whole school process.

Peace is promoted and war is reduced to historical facts. By the way, any kind of weapon, be it war or hunting, have not been manufactured in the last 50 years.

All contribute to the Future improvement of society of Human Value, it is a unique opportunity for the Man to be in dynamic equilibrium with himself and the biosphere. Respect for Life is a matter of great appreciation.

There will be no profit objective. All activities are aimed to add value to society. The better the quality of the service provided or the quality of the products manufactured and their environmental sustainability, the greater the value assigned.

All society assigns the value to those products and services rating them for its effectiveness, where the greater environmental sustainability leads to less tax.

All citizens have the same opportunities of access to public services, where the use of online service, by video conference, became a reality. To obtain official documents has become easier, given the electronic features of these documents.

The protection of personal data is a reality. Only in cases of criminal investigation is this protection lifted.

The practice of Anti-values by people constitutes a Human Value loss factor. Those people who by nature have Anti-values tendencies are accompanied by a network of Social Services that help find the ‘path’ to higher-value practices. Only in cases considered extreme, people will lose their freedom by not being able to live with dignity in society.

All persons are subject to periodic evaluations (yearly), by a multidisciplinary, multicultural and multi-ethnic team. This assessment will have three sections: Personal, Social and Professional. They are taken into account the practices of these people’s lives.

The evaluation system is global and universal and is regarded with positivism by evaluators or by the evaluated Persons. We must not forget that it is on bases on their Human Value that each person has the means to participate in economic life in accordance with the principles previously defined.

Reported cases of psychopathy and sociopathy are subject to loss of total freedom.

The person’s way of life shall be taken into account always by the positive side. The fact that there may existed a negative aspect, within a determined period shall not constitute bias evaluation factor. But if a person presents a coherent and consistent path of Human Value, will have a greater appreciation for it (more added value).

In this system, the whole society is in constant improvement. In fact, the Human Value is a positive dynamic feature.

A society with these features is not a perfect society, but contains all the necessary elements for a sustained evolution and development, contributing decisively to greater happiness overall.

Why Human Value instead of Money Value?

This is a difficult task to achieve because they are two very distinct references. However, once decided to develop the theme of Human Value, which excludes the value of money, I’m going to build this comparison as fairly as possible, given the differences in concept and implications in the social structure.

Thus, it is appropriate to recall the main features of each:

Human Value - Money Value

For these main features we can see the big difference of structure and of real value.

Blockchain technology and Collective funding (Crowdfunding) are two concepts whose methodologies could be used to complement the implementation of the new Human Value paradigm. If we withdraw the monetarist and financial burden to these concepts, adapting methodologies to the structure of Human Value would be fair to call the Digital Value (resulting from the evaluation of the Human Value of each person for economic participation) and Collective Appreciation (for the digital value contribution of several people in a development project).

Thus, this process would represent the realization of Collective Consciousness in Collective Future projects.

Also, if we could establish a quantification of Human Value to a human population of a Country, a Continent or even of the Planet, probably we would find a Gaussian distribution, also called the Normal distribution, for being related to the phenomena of life.

But the differences are accentuated still more when we compare the effects of the value of money on human values and respective anti-values. We are currently faced with a system whose implicit purpose is not the development of human values, but rather of negotiating values profit generators for those who invest, relegating the Human Value to a lower plan.

The main purpose of the money is to make a profit and does not represent Human Value. The Human Value Is Not MONEY, it is REAL VALUE. The value of money has a very large virtual component.

Table 1

Table 2

The Human Value-based system is by nature a Human Values enhancer throughout Global Society with concern, dedication and commitment to the environment sustainability.

The primary objective is to generate fraternal understanding between people focused on their real value, without the need for other ‘appendices’ that only generate virtual ‘noise’ in human relationship.

Thus, it is intended to minimize the Anti-values in a sustained and regular basis, leading to a society with greater harmony, fairer and more socially conscious.

In my view, the intrinsic goals of Human Value-based system are not compatible with the system based on the value of money. Just check the current state of our planet and the relationship between peoples, countries, regions and communities, to realize that money just causes shocking inequalities.

These are the sad realities of today People life which extend systematically from generation to generation, in non-virtuous cycles, aggravating invariably all human condition.

Our Planet belongs to all its inhabitants, as well as resources of biosphere. As such should be managed under equity conditions, with rigorous and systematic global sustainability.

This condition should not be alienated to any other value other than the Human Value. Only the Human Value can give greater dynamic stability to the Global Society.

That’s why I propose, as a means to achieve the total abolition of the IFS and IMS, that the richest people in the world can have the opportunity to demonstrate their Human Value, donating to the United Nations, for funding this project implementation, 90% of all their wealth.

There is no progress without Human Value!

“Progress is not inevitable. It is the result of choices we make together” – Barack Obama

Progress is the result of dynamics of Man about everything that surrounds him. However, that effect must result from a collective consultation. This is a practical example of Consciousness and Collective Intelligence that results in development.

In recent decades Man watched, often stunned, a technological progress without parallel in history. The creative ability, imagination, knowledge development and technological intelligence of man entered a chained growing, that we came to the second decade of the 21st century with an ‘unimaginable’ level of progress for many people who remain remote from science.

This progress is commendable. However, when you consider the amount of financial investment involved it is regrettable that no such progress in human development has been achieved.

Today we depend on this technology, whether in the fields of information, communications, organizational methodologies, medicine, energy, aerospace, and in many other fields.

This technological progress represents, without a doubt, human value but it was built with such precision, motivation and commitment that they almost forgot about the human being and his full development.

The reality of technological inequality only has parallel in financial and economic inequality to which people were exposed, with no possibility of a balanced human development.

In fact, I remember the words of Alvin Toffler on his true statement “The illiterate of the 21st century are not those who can’t read or write, but those who refuse to learn, re-learn and learn again” – in “The Third Wave” -1980. I remember also the level of computer training carried out by companies in the 80’s so that many workers could adapt to this new technology. This adaptation only took place with a larger scale of personal computers purchase. Does with other strands of technological progress must pass the phase of ‘consumption’ for man to adapt?

Well, I envisage that the answer to this question is YES. Otherwise, let’s see what’s going on with the so-called Virtual reality (VR). Several VR systems have been developed for mass consumption that will lead greater existential virtual immersion, and probably (given the lagging of many) to further alienation of the Real Reality of man.

To me this is a crucial point in the development of the human being. It seems that reality is being distorted on purpose to make people even more dependent on technology, consumption, money, and less on development of the main human value, one that leads to acceptance of a natural learning, relearning to learn in another dimension.

What has been done in the last 40 years, in the field of education and school to have this crucial capacity (accept to learn, relearn to make learning in another dimension)?

In my view we are not moving in the direction of a natural human value, but rather to a human value dependent on many other ‘things’ that are no Human Beings. May be we are considering people as ‘stuff’!

The Human Value I defend don’t turns human beings into dependent, but give them freedom and dignity to develop naturally with their own pace, for the best result.

I want to end this text with a word of hope. I recall here the words of Mia Couto, who must lead us to reflect a lot about what is the future that man wants to follow.

“… our enemy is ourselves. The opponent of our progress is within each one of us, lives in our attitude, lives in our thinking.” – Mia Couto.

© Global Sustainable Intelligence (GSI)

Very often we hear politicians and financiers, economists and experts say that the solution to the crisis, largely created by them, is economic growth. That is, more consumption, more exports, industrial activity, more sales, more jobs, etc.

I agree that it is important and fundamental to be growth, but not exclusively economic in nature. We all have seen how far economic growth brought us.

I’m going to explain and defend the statement I’ve made.

Practically, all the growth worldwide to date was, essentially economic growth, to the detriment of social and ecological consciousness ‘growth’. This means, that the man has preferred to grow economically relegating to second or third plan social and ecological matters. What actually has been going on is a pure unbalanced and unsustainable development.

Even betting on new technologies at all levels of the economy, this will never be the solution to the serious problems created by man, in his greed for money.

Due to the economic growth we know that all development is unbalanced and unsustainable. I see only one way to balance the Human Development, which has been abandoned; ‘change the rules of this junkie game that does not lead to anything good’.

Human intelligence has been following primarily the imbalances created, with a lot of passivity. The technological component has developed almost exclusively, with notable losses for man himself.

We find ourselves in a state such that only developing a long-term strategy – © Global Sustainable Intelligence (GSI) – under the auspices of the United Nations, we will be able to grow consistently and get us in balance with the only Earth we inhabit. Unfortunately our attitudes and behaviours reveal that we have acted as if we could resort to more Biospheres. That would be a bigger crime because we were going to become major spendthrift.

In my view, the growth in which we should invest very seriously is the development of:

1. A Global Quality Education for all children and young people to adulthood where Human values should prevail;

2. Worthy Basic Social Conditions for all;

3. General Training for all citizens, about the rhythms of the biosphere and the way we could live in sustainable balance with her;

4. General Training for all citizens about environmental issues and vital resources for humans and other species that inhabit the Planet;

5. Global human conditions for a better Cultural relationship (knowing other peoples and other cultures to better understand the world in which we live);

6. Knowledge of how emotions and empathy are manifested in children and teenagers, how and why they act and react on what they don’t understand, and teach them to manage these reactions for greater social integration;

7. Humanistic Methods in all areas of society, eliminating the current constraints, where many feel ‘prisoners’ of a system that doesn’t promote human dignity;

8. Promote greater contact with nature (Biosphere) to better integrate us in it;

9. Integrated and Special Training (mandatory – with final proofs of evaluation) to all leaders of all Nations on issues of sustainable human development. Who is not fit in these matters cannot occupy executive positions in Governments, nor companies;

10. Methods that stop Social aggression (video games and violent movies, etc.);

11. Methods of clean energy distributed globally;

12. Careful Management with accountability of managers, of vital resources for man;

13. Methods of efficient Political supervision by citizens in relation to elected politicians;

What I’m saying is that we should do everything to grow as Men and integrate consistently in the biosphere. Being able to become Human Beings with values and enough understanding of the phenomena that surround us, so we can evolve in a balanced way, respecting our neighbour and other cohabiting species in this Planet. Develop especially to BE and valuing the Social Have.

It is my belief, that if we become better beings with human values we will face the future with greater confidence. This is the only way to foresee the best ‘roads’ that will lead us further.

If you don’t quickly devalue the attitude of Individual Have, we can easily understand that by 2050, with about 10 billion people, there will be no resources for all. It is estimated that under current conditions, in 2030 there will be only food and drinking water to 50% of the world’s population. I must remind that in developed countries we waste 50% of food we produce.

This new integrated concept © GSI implies that there should be no place for selfish attitudes, nor strict individual developments that are not rooted in common global welfare. Our Collective Future is not represented by the sum of our Individual Futures. The Collective Future is integrated in the development of © GSI, because man is essentially a Social Being.

I think the best definition for © Global Sustainable Intelligence is closely linked to the collective intelligence which focus on sustainable human development. We are facing a human capacity for concerted, conscious and collective action that is focused on a Sustainable Life in balance with biosphere.

Inherently an Individual Being with a Collective purpose.

Global Sustainable Intellingence

This concept goes far beyond a simple local or regional strategy as a comprehensive strategy must be drawn up at the planetary level, integrating Man and Biosphere in the same dynamic equation.

As such, implies that man has to grow and develop with assertiveness, human values, focused on the future, in a collective sustainable living in balance with life on the Planet, but also, that the will of freedom, independence and individual Dignity are harmonically integrated into the collective perspectives of Future.

What other actions can be taken to build a society of Human Value?

The dimension of human consciousness keeps growing, because we know what we are and how we behave and we want to turn ourselves into Human Beings with Value.

At this point in human history, we continue to prepare for the future out of this era the Anthropocene (new man), where we are immersed, and enter in the new era of Sofoceno (wise man) with the full awareness of our dimension and relativity in the world of living things, on Earth.

During the last few years we have seen what we call the rights of the biosphere because it makes more sense to defend life than just one or two species in particular.

This is a very new idea that begun to evolve in the minds of many of us defenders of life and Guardians of the planet where we inhabit.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense to us Men, the only rational and intelligent species with sense of time and future, to be the Guardians of our own Planet and all life forms. After all, if we don’t nobody else will do it for us.

Worse than a rational and intelligent being indifferent to this reality, only a reportedly careless about the future and life.

In this sense, there have been efforts to transpose to the international law, the concept of the Biosphere as an entity in its own right. This is the position I’ve been defending.

I note with pleasure the developments in this direction. Most recently, Dr. Ariele Chagas Cruz wrote in July of 2013, an article (on the site Updates of the Law) entitled “access to justice by new subjects of law” which I consider to be masterful.

I can’t resist quoting the final considerations of the article the purpose of this theme.

Dr. Ariele Chagas concludes: “all of us, without distinction, we live for just a short break. Each flower, insect, animal, live for a limited period of time that determines its relevance in the universal vastness. The own planet Earth has a finite story, with approximately 4.54 billion years and a natural term of validity to expire. To the universe, which, according to the current data has 13.7 billion years and, given its constant expansion, also has a date for the collapse [47]. So, why defend life? Why such concern in treating animals, the sick, the elderly, adolescents, children and “misfits” of every kind?

All for the reason above. It is the small time we have in life that determines our relevance in the universal community. That is what matters most and, above all, the way we spend time determines us as beings and interferes with the fate of things. Life as a whole needs to be protected as any subject of law. Must be governed all life forms, of those who more closely resemble how “normal” to the most different.

Whether it is our ability to question and get answers that defines us as human beings, it is important that our findings will serve at least to give a worthy destination to what surrounds us, otherwise, there is no great difference between a man and a bonobo. Maybe just the difference that the latter has a clear sense of how much his kind is important for his own life, his offspring and following.

It is therefore concluded that the protection of all life forms have repercussion directly in protecting the human being himself and that the granting of procedural capacity to these beings, far from questioning the judiciary, would provide a fairer world and solidarity with respect to intergenerational commitment provided for constitutionally.”

I am convinced that this way of thinking, being the more adjusted to the reality of biosphere, is one that demonstrates, in my view, the best possibility for the future.

Man and his actions can no longer be accepted as destabilizing elements of life on this planet.

Given his evolution, man is not a finished being, but rather constantly evolving, as many other species. We don’t have a lot of knowledge and awareness of how to live in harmony with other species, or how to build a dynamic equilibrium that might respect our transformation and of other living beings. Therefore, we will be able to understand and respect Life, whatever it may be, as it is a UNIQUE peculiarity, a Universal Singularity (?).

As I use to say “Life and time are closely linked and are inseparable”, because if didn’t exist an entity aware of the sense of time and a multitude of rhythms of life, of beings that inhabit the biosphere, the future would be just movement, space and energy without the thrill of life.

Schedule plan of important actions

• Between Year 2017-2025: – Human Value Society presentation and discussion of the principles that will govern the future; – Discussion, adoption, and subsequent implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Values in the UN.

• Between Year 2017-2030:


• Between Year 2025-2050: – Beginning construction of Paradigm and transition period. All Member States should develop and promote social policies, as well as the professions that support those policies. (All member States in agreement with new paradigm must comply with defined principles in governance action);

• Between Year 2050-2100: – Beginning of new Paradigm and adaptation in all Countries of the World (Using only clean energy sources, ending blind Consumerism and stopping production and sales of arms (all kinds));

• Year 2100: – Global Society of Human Value.


Why it makes sense to carry out this crucial investment in Human Values?

The matters here developed imply a very high cost in monetary value, to be implemented effectively. I am not concerned about the cost of different operations. My only concern is the effective construction and correct development of policies and training of People that will give body to the new system based on Human Value.

We must be aware that the implementation of this work will result in the construction of a paradigm (political, economic, social, legal and human) to the future society where money will cease to exist. Thus, during the transition phase we may use all monetary resources available, which will eventually be transformed into Human Value from the moment that the new Global society start his full activity. From then on, it’s not the mentality based on International Financial System, or in an International Monetary System that is in force. Those systems will cease to work and to exist.

Power relations are only focused and related to the Human Value of People. The greatest Human Value will match greater power.

The number of people involved in the transition phase is very significant (in all countries), and they will need to receive a fair value for their professional work, by developing:

1. A new global education in human values;
2. An international legal system on the rights of the Biosphere;
3. A universal system of evaluation of People (with the cultural nuances of the different regions of the world), according to the model I have mentioned. That will result at the end in the assignment of a Human Value.
4. A lasting peace, with no production or sale of weapons (of any kind) where humans will develop all their skills for the common good.

The Man is in a stage of Social and Global development, where owning a Collective Consciousness and Intelligence represents wisdom, consistency and knowledge dimensions capable of maintaining the cohesion of a species that calls itself smart.

The construction of a Collective Future, in peace and knowledge dynamics, rely heavily on the components of Collective Consciousness and Intelligence.

A society of Human Value contributes to Social happiness

A society of Human Value, such as characterized has all the ‘ingredients’ and is a significant contribution to Social happiness.

This theme of Social Happiness started to gain dimension given the pressures and the widespread crisis of values that people have been subjected to, in our aggressive and unbalanced Society. So, it began to be object of masters and doctoral thesis, as for example the work of Ana Roque Dantas “The Social construction of Happiness” (2012) ( The Hummingbird Publisher conveys “this book of Ana Roque, “The Social construction of Happiness”, is the arrival point of a path of investigation started several years ago as part of a master’s degree in Sociology, Faculty of social and human sciences of University Nova of Lisbon. It represents the end of a long step scientifically very creative, which follows a new challenge, now under the doctorate is still ongoing. The point of departure that Ana had to her research was relatively simple: does the search for happiness is one of the major constraints of the action of social actors? If Yes, then why not research it from a sociological point of view? “.

Happiness is not a utopian theme, as people may think, it is under development in a few countries such as in the case of the Kingdom of Bhutan “Bhutan, Asian country, happiness is a social right” ( Otherwise, let’s see, “Located in South Asia and with approximately 700,000 inhabitants, Bhutan is a Kingdom far away, small, isolated by the Himalayas. The nation is considered to be the country of happiness.

Believe me, the legal system of the Kingdom of Bhutan instituted happiness as a social right. The preamble to the Constitution of the country notes Buddhist commitment to permanent happiness of the people. In the article 20, of the same text, states that it is the duty of the Government to ensure the happiness of the State.

Article 9, of the Supreme standard of Bhutan, created the National Happiness Index, aiming for a good quality of life for the people.

Also called gross national happiness, such content has some basic variables, they are: good standard of economic life, balanced management of time, good criteria for Government, public administration, quality education, good health, community vitality, environmental quality, access to culture and psychological well-being.”

Many of us are amazed when reading these purposes, such is the disparity of criteria with the Western countries, said ‘civilized and developed’, but it’s a reality. So, for this to become a reality it will be necessary that the Collective Consciousness and Intelligence of people are capable of building on these foundations.

Let me describe in more detail this grand plan of happiness. In the book of Içami Tiba (2007) “Who Loves, Educates – Forming ethical Citizens” (Integrare Publisher) the author conveys the basics “social happiness considers all human beings equal, no matter what colour, ethnicity, race, creed, religion, social level, cultural preparation, economic power, political office, fame, origin, physical appearance, training or ability. The person is happy to help another human being to be happy. Strives to make the world better with small gestures, since the Act to leave the bathroom clean for the next user, to large gestures, like mobilizing when a similar or the entire People is suffering a setback in any corner of the planet.

The person who expresses social happiness welcomes the happiness but also feel in their soul the sufferings of men. A grateful, supportive and his connection with the neighbour transcends time and space, overcoming geographical differences, ideological, political, social, and religious.

Tolerance, solidarity, compassion, wisdom, non-violence are part of happiness. Large religious guides were his maximum expression. If parents start to read to the children, from an early childhood, interesting and picturesque passages of great men of mankind and then stimulate a small and simple debate about their lives, they probably would be better people for themselves, for the family, for the school and for the world.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to the child identify what she did well for anyone? Encourage her to speak the truth, no exaggeration, and strengthen what she made positive are measures that do not require as much time and produce great results: contribute to the formation of a good self-esteem.

The children love to know that parents like what they do. If they live naturally social happiness (do good, no matter who, and do nothing that might harm others), their children also will live it.” (

Most countries governments know the good theories. The problem is that people don’t know or don’t want to apply them because the purposes that moves them are other than the Social happiness.

I leave you with the words of Lawyer Antonio Marques da Silva, who on 17 December 2015, wrote in the newspaper Tribuna de Macau an opinion piece titled “Happiness” ( I recommend you to read the full article, which I only quote the initial part “Sometimes it is necessary so little to be happy, other times there’s no turning back. As much as we try we can’t come ‘out of the pit’, as our Brazilian brothers say.

But it’s not just about individual happiness that I want to talk to you, but (mostly) of social happiness, in other words, relational social health, which is more than all the individual feelings, because it rises above the personal happiness. Here what matter is that humans globally are considered equal in their essence, without any kind of discrimination on grounds of nationality, descent, race, sex, language, religion or political or ideological convictions, education and economic situation or social condition (article 25 of the Basic Law).

A socially happy person seeks to help other human beings to be happy and also fight to make the world better, from their smallest gestures to the large solidarity actions. The others, the exploiters of someone else’s misery and the insatiable greedy, on their greed, they live only for the money (more money, more and more money, all the money in the world … and surrounding areas!) and just feel happy admiring the balances of the bank accounts, the records of their properties and the titles of their actions or boasting, so obscene, their possessions.”

You may imagine my happiness to transmit you this theme that’s in line with the paradigm that I’ve been developing for more than two years.

One thing is for sure, if we do nothing to change the status quo of current society we will never fulfil this ideal.

The essence of personal assessments in a world of Human Value

As you will notice, a society in which everyone will be subjected to a periodic assessment, it’s only justifiable if based on Human Value. That way you imagine the complexity that can ‘fall’ on this system if the principles to establish were not of simple understanding, fair, built with integrity and professionalism, and applied with social justice.

To live well in society and contribute to the common good is more important than to be successful in a profession.

I agree with the statement of Professor Clovis de Barros Filho when he says “… happiness implies a certain capacity to love, and therefore, devote their lives to others rejoice, since 99% of our life, it’s not exactly life, but is living.”

Also, we all know: “… anyone knows that the ‘world’ has a spectacular damage competence.” – Clovis de Barros Filho.

Unfortunately cases of bullying (physical or psychological) are part of our everyday life, whether at: home, school, work and relationships in society. Physical or moral aggression would tend to be eradicated through an education in Human Values in School and Family environment with guidance from experts in pedagogy and psychology.

In short, we live in aggressive society deprived of human values mainly due to a lack of a good education quality for ALL.

Faced with this reality, it won’t be hard to envisage the reactions and resistance that will exist in the initial phase of implementation of a system of this nature from specialists who misunderstand and misrepresent the new ideas and paradigms, just to keep their status quo and power over others.

Some people will try to demonstrate that these new ideas are wrong and harmful to everything and anything else. These arguments will not be based on scientific studies, but on the interests of a financial system that doesn’t want to lose its power. Deeply, those people are not open to a new system because they fear chaos. Prefer to keep the wrong attitudes and the behaviours that cause systemic misunderstandings, hoping to reduce uncertainty in the future.

The advantage of the periodic evaluations is that the person will be able to improve their attitudes and behaviours along life. In my view, constant learning and a potential personal improvement has only positive aspects.

It is clear that there will be resistance more or less persistent, complex, from those who will be evaluated, which will complicate the operation of the system, but anything that is not likely to be overcome with professionalism and argumentative determination.

In fact, the practice of human values on coexistence in society has only advantages, avoiding misunderstanding and free aggression.

I believe that most people will only accept to implement a new system if the former is completely destroyed, which seems absurd when you decide to build a Human Value Society. In this model we intend to build a new paradigm, taking advantage of the best and best practices already exist, that are within the spirit of this paradigm.

What should result is a positivist optimistic spirit based on critical thinking to build a new reality where no one will be excluded.

In short, if we want to build a society of Value nothing better than to bring together all the good wills in the implementation of an Educational System that is able to develop and give the human values to its citizens.

Mahatma Gandhi translated brilliantly these concerns “The real education consists in make it stand out and update the better of a person. What better book than the book of humanity? “.

The immortality of the Human Value

Regarding this Human Value theme, I agree with Pedro Lucius when he says “A system that misrepresents the true human values, can only generate a morally sick society.” It is precisely in this level that the current society is “morally sick”.

Recently, Harald Welzer (social psychologist by education) and author of the book “Climate Wars” is peremptory to say that “The future is violent and has begun” (

According to this Author. “… awareness and knowledge are not enough to change our practices, daily habits. What else contributed to the change of a practice is the practice itself. If we announce a catastrophic event that will happen in 2050, due to the rising waters of the sea, people find the message scary, they know very well that participate in the habits and way of life that leads to catastrophe, but continue to do what they’ve always done.”

Faced with this worrying ‘disease’, requires a change of paradigm of Global society and a new dynamic equilibrium through a formal education in human values and the development of a society of Human Value respecting Biosphere.

In fact, this concern does not come from today. In his time Albert Camus (1913-1960) expressed a strong desire for change and new dimensions to the Man “The world is not bearable as it is, therefore, I need the moon, happiness or immortality, and anything that is crazy, perhaps, but that does not belong to this world.”

The main question that arises here concerns the true concept of Human Value. Well, if life has Value in itself and the increased responsibility of the human beings with Value contributes decisively to the common good, it makes perfect sense that this Human Value became immortal and perpetuate itself in the minds of humanity. This would be the desired momentum for continuous improvement of a Society.

Therefore it is important that all human beings, in a society of Human Value, develop freely a life of Value to a level they can be immortalized by his deeds. In this way, we will all have more likely to achieve our life extended.

Is this ‘collective memory’, the best that Human Beings with Value can perform and managed, which gives meaning to this concept of Immortality.

Will be an advantage for everybody to share and develop the lives of those that contribute to the future history of the Human race.

Alfredo Sá Almeida                                                                               28 de Maio de 2018

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Se não podes derrotá-los, …


Segundo consta, esta frase – “Se não podes derrotá-los, junta-te a eles” – corresponde a um provérbio Americano.

Quantas vezes nós iniciamos batalhas que se transformam em guerras e finalmente numa obsessão da qual não sabemos sair. No momento presente, essas batalhas são essencialmente argumentativas, mas nem por isso deixam de se transformar em guerras obsessivas.

Houve até um autor Português – Filipe Homem Fonseca – que escreveu um livro intitulado “Se não podes juntar-te a eles, vence-os” (2013).


Ou seja, não tem como escapar da obsessão. Faz-me lembrar as táticas utilizadas na guerra de Troia, com o célebre cavalo.

Vem isto a propósito da GUERRA comercial global que se avizinha dos USA com a China, com a União Europeia, com o Canada, com o México, etc. Era inevitável as respetivas retaliações dos Países e Organizações visadas.

Significa que o Homem é exímio na arte da guerra mas muito fraco e pouco inteligente na ARTE da Paz e da concórdia. Provavelmente, estará nos nossos genes essa característica dada a influência das sucessivas guerras em que o Homem se envolveu, sobretudo no último século.

Mas se observarmos com atenção e detalhe, essa anunciada guerra comercial global prende-se essencialmente com DINHEIRO. Pensando bem, até estou de acordo com as declarações de Christine Lagarde (Diretora-geral do FMI) quando afirma “Guerras comerciais são impossíveis de vencer”.


Torna-se evidente que para evitar essa guerra os Líderes Globais deveriam trabalhar de forma construtiva para resolver os conflitos comerciais.

Por outro lado, ‘serão as Pessoas mais pobres que vão sofrer as consequências da guerra comercial global’ – Christine Lagarde.


Voltando à frase de entrada, “junta-te a eles …”, só pode querer dizer que tudo deve ser feito para construir uma Consciência Coletiva para evitar uma guerra. Mas é aqui que os Líderes Globais falham em toda a linha, talvez porque acabam reduzindo toda e qualquer negociação ao DINHEIRO. Aí, as conversações tornam-se tão virtuais e voláteis que perdem o foco principal que evita qualquer Guerra – a Paz e o bem-estar de todas as Populações de todos os Países.

A uma escala bem mais pequena, mas não menos importante, a guerra entre os Professores Portugueses e o Ministério da Educação de Portugal, enferma do mesmo problema – ‘nem os Dirigentes Sindicais nem o Governo’ estão focados em resolver os problemas sérios que a Educação em Portugal tem. Acabam reduzindo TUDO A DINHEIRO. Assim não se resolve nada.

Aliás, se forem satisfeitas todas as reivindicações dos Sindicatos (10 plataformas Sindicais para representar uma Profissão?) os problemas da Educação em Portugal não ficarão resolvidos, nem sequer a satisfação dos Professores e o seu bem-estar.

Imaginem agora o que aconteceria com as outras profissões, os Juízes, os Médicos, os Enfermeiros, etc. Ou seja, seria a insatisfação geral.

A meu ver, a Política está demasiado comprometida com o DINHEIRO e os Cidadãos acabam por ficar viciados nele. Senão vejamos, perguntem a um Professor do quadro: ‘se ganhasse o dobro estaria satisfeito e seria mais produtivo no seu trabalho?’. Penso que adivinharei a resposta – NÃO.

Enfim, o Homem continua obcecado com questões que não conduzem a nada de bom e desfocado dos verdadeiros problemas da Sociedade. Construir uma Consciência Coletiva torna-se fácil se for para perguntar: “Exigem ou não a recuperação de todo o tempo de serviço congelado?” ( Quero ver construir uma Consciência Coletiva bem mais vasta e mais abrangente que entre, apenas, os elementos de uma Profissão. Gostaria de ver uma verdadeira convergência entre Professores, Pais dos Alunos, Alunos e Governantes por uma Educação com Futuro em Portugal. Essa sim seria a Consciência Coletiva digna de Seres inteligentes.

Não brinquem com a Inteligência dos Cidadãos! Todos nós sabemos que ‘Casa onde não há pão, todos ralham e ninguém tem razão’. Às Profissões superiores de um País (Professores, Juízes, Médicos, Enfermeiros, etc.) exige-se que tenham um maior contributo para a Cidadania, com maior Inteligência e Consciência Coletivas, caso contrário a Profissão perde Valor. Imaginem um Juiz a reivindicar aumento de salário e com atitudes e comportamentos de ‘Estivador’. Como querem que os Cidadãos mantenham o respeito que a Profissão merece? Como querem construir Consciência Coletiva ampla se não se derem ao respeito como Cidadãos?

Neste caso, os Dirigentes Sindicais são os maiores culpados de muitos processos reivindicativos. Não basta serem obsessivos com os desejos dos seus associados. Têm sobretudo de ser construtivos e responsáveis pela Consciência Coletiva da Profissão, que representam, integrada na Sociedade que a deve respeitar SEMPRE. Se a Sociedade perder o respeito pela Profissão em causa, o responsável é o Dirigente Sindical.

Pois bem, meus caros Leitores, eu preferiria que a frase de entrada fosse outra:

“Se não conseguires construir uma Consciência Coletiva, com os teus recursos, junta-te àqueles que tiverem melhores condições para o fazer”.

Alfredo Sá Almeida                                                                                       7 de Julho de 2018

Que características Humanas vão acompanhar a Inteligência no Futuro?


Este é um tema que deveria ser amplamente debatido não só nos meios académicos, mas sobretudo no ambiente empresarial e escolar.

Vem isto a propósito de uma entrevista importante de Franco Berardi“O Pensamento Crítico morreu” (Filósofo Italiano e professor de História Social dos Media na Academia de Brera, em Milão) publicada no Jornal Económico (Portugal) em 17 de Junho de 2018 ( Recomendo vivamente uma leitura atenta desta entrevista seguida de uma reflexão. Talvez essa nossa atitude possa contribuir para o ‘renascimento’ do Pensamento Crítico, que este Autor considera estar morto.

As respostas de Franco Berardi demonstram que o seu Pensamento não deixou de ser Crítico, mas os argumentos que apresenta são válidos quando considera que o atual Sistema Financeiro e o Capitalismo que o sustenta, servindo-se dos processos tecnológico e económico, estão a matar o Pensamento Crítico.

Analisemos este excerto da entrevista que mencionei:

O Pensamento Crítico morreu 2b


A meu ver, o Pensamento Crítico só morrerá se nós deixarmos que morra, ou, nos predispusermos para não pensar e só agir. Mas mesmo a ação necessita de um certo planeamento para ser bem-sucedida. Por outro lado, o Homem não tem como abdicar de ser inteligente e construtivo. Este é um fenómeno irreversível.

Também considero que deveremos estar abertos ao imprevisível. Tudo vai depender dos elementos imprevisíveis e de quem os criar. Aliás não existe Futuro sem um grau de imprevisibilidade. Os anseios do Homem nem sempre são suficientemente ponderados e integrados no conhecimento, que permitam traçar um caminho para o Futuro sem infalibilidade e imprevisibilidade. O próprio processo criativo apenas está focado numa parte do conhecimento. Toda a restante se encontra desfocada e nebulosa.

Todos nós sabemos que o Homem não é apenas um Ser inteligente (considerando as facetas Racional, Emocional, Social e Espiritual da Inteligência), ele está enquadrado numa Biosfera e envolvido numa Cultura de Valores que o moldam, em maior ou menor grau, durante a sua vida.

A questão que coloco para debate e reflexão é saber que características Humanas vão acompanhar a Inteligência no Futuro. Que atitudes e comportamentos vamos interiorizar e que nos vão caracterizar. O mesmo é dizer que Valores Humanos vão salientar as características da Inteligência do Homem!

Esta não é uma questão pacífica nem tranquila, porque existem muitos indivíduos com poder que consideram que o valor do dinheiro deve continuar a dominar e governar todas as características Humanas. E, com ele, a competitividade, a meritocracia e todos os vícios e desvalores Humanos que acompanham este sistema.

Ora, todos nós sabemos, que a ausência de Valores Humanos na vida do Homem só tem potenciado graves distúrbios mentais e muitos outros desequilíbrios nefastos à Sociedade. Considero que não é moldando a Sociedade pelo dinheiro e seus valores distorcidos, em muitos casos aberrantes, que o Pensamento Crítico renascerá.

O Pensamento Crítico é um processo aberto e saudável do raciocínio integrado com o conhecimento, permitindo aos Cidadãos exercerem com seriedade as suas responsabilidades sociais.

“O pensamento crítico consiste em analisar e avaliar a consistência dos raciocínios, em especial as afirmações que a sociedade considera verdadeiras no contexto da vida cotidiana.

Essa avaliação pode realizar-se através da observação, da experiência, do raciocínio ou do método científico. O pensamento crítico exige clareza, precisão, equidade e evidências, já que visa evitar as impressões particulares. Neste sentido, está relacionado com o ceticismo e com a detecção de falácias.” – (

Pensamento Crítico 2


Para mim torna-se evidente a importância desta vertente de Pensamento estruturado, dada a natureza da Sociedade de Valor Humano que defendo e dos relacionamentos Humanos que se pretendem de Valor. A meu ver, torna-se difícil vislumbrar uma Sociedade Futura onde o Pensamento Crítico esteja morto. Considero uma aberração que tem de ser corrigida já e rapidamente. Se não o fizermos estaremos a deturpar seriamente o Futuro de toda uma Sociedade Global de Valor Humano.

Alfredo Sá Almeida                                                                                      19 de Junho de 2018

Os erros de percurso de hoje serão os desastres do futuro

Este título é uma evidência preocupante, sobretudo para quem é incapaz de aprender com os erros e de construir melhores soluções para o Futuro da Humanidade.

Nas últimas décadas da sua vida o Homem tem seguido imensos percursos, numa ânsia de encontrar um Futuro que se ajuste à sua espécie. Mas infelizmente está a fazê-lo de modo ‘desnorteado’ e ele próprio acaba não sabendo a que caminhos vai conduzir a Humanidade. Mesmo quando sabe, com um grau elevado de probabilidade a que fim poderá conduzir, prefere ignorar o conhecimento das realidades factuais para se refugiar numa criatividade destruidora.

Estes são erros que o Homem pagará muito caro num Futuro próximo. O Homem encontra-se num percurso em direção ao abismo, mas como tem uma obsessão de realizar ‘skydiving’ ou voar usando um ‘wingsuit‘ não está preocupado com o resultado.

Vamos dedicar-nos, um pouco, às realidades factuais:

RF 1

RF 2

RF 3
RF 4

E podíamos continuar com muitas outras tristes realidades factuais. O grande problema destas tristes realidades é que produzem muito desespero, muita depressão, muito medo do Futuro, muito stress, muita ansiedade, que acaba destruindo presentemente e psicologicamente as vidas de muitas Pessoas. Os decisores Humanos, Líderes mundiais, Políticos e Financeiros, de todos os quadrantes, possuem a grande responsabilidade por estes percursos desastrosos. No entanto, demonstram ser incapazes de produzir mudanças de fundo e de Paradigmas, conduzindo muitos de nós para o abismo (mesmo não estando nós preparados para fazer ‘wingsuit flying’).

Em 2014, no meu livro “Despertar para o Futuro”, tive a oportunidade de escrever um texto, intitulado “A Negligência e o Futuro da Humanidade”, de alerta para a mudança de rumo.

Escrevi então: “O Homem começa a ter conhecimento científico comprovado de que determinados eventos, profundamente negativos em certos momentos da sua vida (como o stress, alimentação deficiente, vícios, abusos de vária ordem, etc.), têm influência nos genes que são transmitidos às gerações seguintes. A ponto de os seus filhos e netos virem a sofrer de doenças e dos mesmos sintomas dos seus Pais e Avós, sem terem sido expostos a esses eventos que provocaram essas ‘alterações’ genéticas [estou a falar da EPIGENÉTICA]. “A Epigenética representa a tua vontade consciente de mudar o teu Futuro escrito”. – Carlos Martorell.

Este é o momento para mudar e começar a preparar o nosso Futuro Coletivo, reganharmos Valores Humanos e transformarmo-nos em verdadeiros Seres Humanos.

Não costumo ser alarmista, mas se não mudarmos as nossas atitudes e comportamentos, não auguro nada de bom para a Humanidade e para o nosso Planeta, num Futuro não muito distante.

Homens com espírito bélico, predador, agressivo, prepotente e dominador são comportamentos que deveriam ser banidos dos ‘hábitos’ dos Homens que se dizem Humanos. Se não o fizermos, consciente e corretamente, seremos acusados de negligência grosseira no Futuro. Ou então, teremos de nos conformar com as mudanças que acontecerão fora do nosso controlo, provocadas por esses homens subvertidos.

E não me venham dizer que esses comportamentos desviantes são necessários à sobrevivência!

Poderemos vir a ser processados pelos nossos Filhos e Netos por essa triste negligência.

Se nos apelidamos de Homens inteligentes e racionais temos de ser muito mais conclusivos, conscientes e verdadeiros, dado o conhecimento desta nova realidade alarmante.

A nossa consciência não terá descanso no Futuro, sabendo o que poderíamos ter evitado às gerações vindouras e nada fizemos, por comodismo, desinteresse, arrogância, prepotência e NEGLIGÊNCIA PURA.

Será que pretendemos desenvolver um Futuro de dependentes de TUDO, viciados em tudo o que não presta para o Homem, mesmo tendo a capacidade (inteligência) de mudar o rumo dos acontecimentos?

Será você também um NEGLIGENTE real ou potencial?

Acredito, pela positiva, que se nos tornarmos mais empáticos, solidários e interventores assertivos na Sociedade, imbuídos de Valores Humanos consolidados, os nossos genes poderão sofrer ‘alterações’ positivas e por consequência, as gerações futuras se beneficiarão dessas boas influências.

O mesmo se passa com as mudanças que temos de produzir no nosso estilo de vida atual, pleno de stress e de ansiedade, onde as Pessoas se sentem pressionadas a toda a hora, por todos os motivos do dia-a-dia.

Todas as melhorias contínuas, de atitudes e comportamentos, que conseguirmos resgatar para o Ser Humano, corrigindo vícios e maus hábitos, terão seguramente boas influências a longo prazo.

Cabe-nos decidir o nosso Futuro individual e coletivo, e, nesta decisão o fator EDUCAÇÃO tem um peso enorme no Futuro. Muitos de nós sabem o que deverá ser realizado para passarmos a ter uma Educação de qualidade para TODOS. Resta sabermos transmitir e sensibilizar a TODOS (incluindo os Governantes) para esta tarefa ciclópica e, em simultâneo, aliciante e motivadora, capaz de mobilizar e transformar uma Sociedade inteira.

Muito se tem falado do Amor ao próximo, por vezes de uma maneira leviana e superficial. Esta é a altura de demonstrarmos o que o verdadeiro AMOR pode fazer pelo resgate do Ser Humano que está ‘adormecido’ dentro de muitos de nós.” – Alfredo Sá Almeida.

Já tivemos tempo para aprender com os nossos erros e de nos colocarmos de acordo com melhores rumos a seguir para o Futuro. Caso não o façamos estamos a ser coniventes com os decisores do rumo ao abismo.

No passado recente surgiu um vídeo produzido por Nick Foster (2016) – líder do departamento Google X – que nos alerta para o facto de as nossas decisões poderem vir a ser ‘manipuladas’, como utilizadores das redes sociais e internet.

RF 5

Recomendo a visualização atenta do vídeo ( mencionado neste artigo. “THE SELFISH LEDGER” ou “A RAZÃO EGOÍSTA” é um documento importante para a nossa Consciência Coletiva. Segundo o autor do artigo em questão “O conceito parece retirado de uma distopia orwelliana, mexendo com as questões da privacidade das pessoas. No entanto, não se trata de nenhum produto, tampouco existem planos para tal tecnologia. Segundo declarações da Google ao Business Insider, o vídeo foi produzido exatamente com o objetivo de ser provocativo, alimentado por uma técnica conhecida como “design especulativo” para explorar ideias menos confortáveis e provocar a discussão e o debate.”

Toda esta realidade é muito preocupante, mesmo sem adicionarmos outros temas como Inteligência Artificial, Robôs Humanoides, Realidade Virtual, Realidade Aumentada, etc. O mal não está nestas tecnologias, mas nos ‘desvios aberrantes’ que o Homem ganancioso e prepotente lhes poderá dar para manter indevidamente um Poder que não merece e que não possui Valor Humano.

Realidade Virtual4

Já nos basta o drama das drogas e dos vícios humanos para destruir a Humanidade. Se acrescentarmos os ‘desvios aberrantes’ da tecnologia, então o Ser Humano será erradicado de vez da face do Planeta.

A meu ver existem razões mais que suficientes para eu continuar a defender o Paradigma do Valor Humano e a difusão generalizada dos Valores Humanos na Educação.

Alfredo Sá Almeida                                                                                 23 de Maio de 2018

A distorção de Valores Humanos

Valores errados

Muitos de nós nos admiramos do atual estado de relacionamento em sociedade. Sobretudo aqueles, como eu, que possuem Valores Humanos e os praticam com a naturalidade de um Ser Humano.

Não é só a ausência de Valores, ou a adesão a antivalores que conduzem a sociedade a uma desumanização. A Humanidade está doente porque são poucos a transmitir estruturadamente os Valores Humanos aos demais. Sobretudo na fase inicial da vida das crianças e dos jovens e na sua integração em sociedade.

A desumanização também é consequência de uma distorção dos Valores Humanos por ignorância, indiferença, negligência ou propósito desviante, daqueles que tudo fazem para atingir determinados objetivos sem olhar a meios.

O preconceito, a inveja, a arrogância, a ignorância e outras tantas características negativas da personalidade e do caráter das Pessoas conduzem normalmente a distorções nefastas para o bem-estar da sociedade.

Por outro lado, muitos detêm um poder que não se coaduna com o baixo Valor que possuem. Quando esse poder desproporcionado lhes ‘sobe à cabeça’ acaba distorcendo o sentido da vida da Humanidade, com atitudes e comportamentos típicos de uma falta de educação e de Valores Humanos.

Outros consideram que distorcer os Valores da Humanidade é uma atitude criativa, como se essa criatividade estivesse imbuída de Valor Coletivo.

Enfim, a permissividade excessiva também é resultado de uma tolerância elevada. Na vida do Homem não vale tudo. A Humanidade tem Valores que devem ser compreendidos, considerados e respeitados sob pena de nos perdermos como Seres Humanos.

Alfredo Sá Almeida 17 de Maio de 2018

A importância da Cidadania Global


De acordo com o relatório da ONU-Habitat ( em 2030 dois terços da população mundial viverá em Cidades e Megacidades.

Se tivermos em linha de conta que em 2050 haverá cerca de 10 biliões de habitantes, neste nosso planeta, em que mais de 70% viverão em Cidades e Megacidades (, facilmente compreenderão a necessidade imperiosa de uma Educação em Valores Humanos e em Cidadania Global.

A questão fulcral, segundo os especialistas, prende-se com o facto de “a urbanização fornecer a maior oportunidade para alcance dos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável” (

Assim sendo, os Valores Humanos – Cidadania, Solidariedade, Empatia, Altruísmo, Civismo, Educação Humanista, Ética, etc. – são e serão fundamentais para um bom relacionamento em Sociedade.

Por outro lado, como os problemas de vivência e gestão nas Cidades e Megacidades, ao redor do mundo, serão muito semelhantes (independentemente da raça, cultura, religião, condição económica, etc. dos seus habitantes), cada vez fará mais sentido que os Cidadãos possuam uma formação em Cidadania Global para facilmente identificarem e encontrarem soluções para os problemas emergentes.

Em 2030, segundo as Nações Unidas (United Nations’ World Urbanization Prospects – 2014), este será o top 10 das Megacidades (284,4 milhões de habitantes = 3,3% da População Mundial [8,6 Biliões de Pessoas]) ( e (

• 10. Mexico City, Mexico: 23,9 milhões de pessoas
• 9. Lagos, Nigeria: 24,2 milhões de pessoas
• 8. Cairo, Egypt: 24,5 milhões de pessoas
• 7. Karachi, Pakistan: 24,8 milhões de pessoas
• 6. Dhaka, Bangladesh: 27,4 milhões de pessoas
• 5. Beijing, China: 27,7 milhões de pessoas
• 4. Mumbai, India: 27,8 milhões de pessoas
• 3. Shanghai, China: 30,8 milhões de pessoas
• 2. Delhi, India: 36,1 milhões de pessoas
• 1. Tokyo, Japan: 37,2 milhões de pessoas

O Mundo requer Pessoas conscientes, individual e coletivamente, capazes de contribuir para um melhor relacionamento em Sociedade, mas também para uma Cidadania ativa e positiva. A Inteligência Coletiva tornar-se-á essencial para construir um Futuro Coletivo e a Sustentabilidade da Biosfera ( A compreensão e resolução dos problemas globais e da sustentabilidade da Biosfera estão dependentes da Cidadania Global e de uma criatividade social sustentável.

Penso que estas previsões realistas que transmiti, sendo factos, dão corpo aos argumentos que defendo, onde a “Educação deverá ser obrigatória para todas as crianças e jovens até aos 20 anos de idade, onde a sua formação deverá estar alicerçada nos Valores Humanos e em conhecimentos nucleares fundamentais sobre o Homem, a Sociedade e a Biosfera. Todas as matérias de conhecimento serão transmitidas de forma a mostrar aos aprendizes que tudo nesta vida está interligado, integrado, onde o Homem tem a responsabilidade de promover e praticar uma sustentabilidade de Vida em equilíbrio com a Biosfera.” (

Alfredo Sá Almeida                                                                                        9 de Maio de 2018

Direitos e Deveres – Rights and Duties


“Entre os Direitos e os Deveres de qualquer um de nós Cidadãos, estão os Valores Humanos que permitem cumprir os Deveres com naturalidade dando sentido e dimensão aos Direitos concedidos.”

“Among the Rights and Duties of any of us Citizens, are the Human Values that allow us to fulfil naturally the Duties giving meaning and dimension to the granted Rights.”

Alfredo Sá Almeida                                                                                      1 de Maio de 2018